Goldstone HVACR


Goldstone HVACR Inc. (GSI) is the North American leader in the supply of custom-designed and standard HVACR fan guards, motor mounts and wire grilles. Our customers range from specialty niche manufacturers, to the largest multinational OEMs. We work with quality China manufacturers, supplying custom fan guards, custom motor mounts, combination fan guard/motor mounts and wire grilles for HVACR fan/motor applications.

Founded in 2005 by a group of HVAC engineers, GSI is a quality driven company. We have more than 60 years of combined experience in the HVACR industry. This equates to a solid understanding of HVACR manufacturing needs.

Our engineering team, can help you design new fan guards/fan motor mounts or redesign existing parts that are custom manufactured to your specifications.


We have a management team that is comprised of well educated, experienced professionals, with both Western and Eastern cultural backgrounds. This enables us, to alleviate the challenges commonly experienced when dealing with language barriers and differences in business practices.


Our headquarters, is located in St. George, Ontario, Canada, with a second branch office, located in Shenzhen, China.


GSI has developed strategic partner relationships, with quality fan guard manufacturers and other suppliers in China. We guarantee quality products at competitive prices! Whether they are standard fan guards, custom designed fan guards or other HVACR components and assemblies… GSI is your source!


Contact us today and let us show you, why so many companies have decided to use Goldstone HVACR Inc., as their supplier.