New Designs Coming Soon

Posted on March 13, 2017


What’s In Our Future?

Did you know over the next few years the HVACR Manufacturers are going to be making changes to the design of their new and old products. The reason being is to accommodate the new refrigerant gases that are being introduced to the industry, in the very near future. Feel free to browse the ASHRAE Standards page here–technology/standards–guidelines


With more restrictions being placed on the use of the older traditional refrigerants by the government, HVACR Manufacturers must make changes very quickly to their equipment to be able to operate in this new environment.

In the end, the ultimate goal for the industry has always been to increase the energy efficiency and lessen the emissions of greenhouse gases created by the older refrigerants used in HVACR systems.

One of the main reasons for these changes and the drawback with these new refrigerant gases, are that they are harder to work with because they are more flammable and operate at higher pressures than existing gases. Because of this, the equipment must be modified or changed to accommodate the difference.

With this in mind, HVACR Manufacturers are trying to plan for the future as best they can with what information they have. And this is where component manufacturers (Fan Guards, Exhaust Guards, Motor Mounts, Wire Grilles, etc.) can help, by providing standard stock units for the HVACR Industry. By looking for standard stock components, this could save time for the manufacturers and reduce the cost for these new units by incorporating the more commonly used parts.

GSI are preparing for these coming changes by increasing our inventory of all stock designed Fan Guards, Motor Mounts and Wire Grilles. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us here at GSI. We are working very hard to be prepared for the future. Our Motto is “All Solutions, One Contact“ for all items used in the HVACR industry.

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