Custom Fan Guards Ordering FAQ

Posted on January 9, 2017

Custom Fan Guards

I have been asked many times when an inquiry is made about ordering a custom fan guards, what info do you need. The first question I always ask is, have you thoroughly checked our website ( to see if one of our stock Fan Guards will work with your project? And the next question is, what quantities are you going to need?

If our stock Fan Guards won’t work for your project and you need a custom Fan Guard made, we need to know if you have a drawing, this makes things very easy. If you have a sketch with all the required information, we can usually get a quote but if it goes into production we should have a drawing made. If you don’t have an engineered drawing, no problem! GSI has an engineering department to provide this service for you.


Some information we need to know when ordering a Custom Fan Guards

In what environment is the Fan Guard going to be used?

Profile: Do you require a Flat Fan Guard, Straight Sided Fan Guard, Tapered Sided Fan Guard, Domed Fan Guard, or a Fan Guard/Motor Mount Combination?

Shape: Round, square or rectangle?

Finishes: Black Powder Coating, Zinc Plate, Gold Chromate, Vinyl Coating, Chrome plating?

Size: Diameter, height, mounting diameter?

How will you mount the Fan Guard? Rings, Clips, Type of mounting bracket, Eyelets, Etc.

What material will you need: Steel or Stainless Steel?

Size of wire material: Either 1/8” (11 gauge) to 1/4” (3 gauge), typically the environment the Fan Guards are being used in will determine the material size required


Do you need an OSHA Standard Fan Guard? This would be a 1/2” spacing center to center and is only mandatory if the guard is below 7 feet, all others with a wider spacing would be classed as an Agricultural Fan Guard


I’m sure there are more questions that can be asked but I feel if you gave me the information listed above, we could make your Fan Guard or even Wire Grilles successfully.


Mr Fan Guard


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