977 Series Combination Fan Guard

Posted on November 10, 2017

This is a problem that the refrigeration retrofit industry has had for quite some time. One of my customers approached me about this issue and we designed a proper solution.

There is often a problem during maintenance while installing trying to install a new motor to an oddball coil on an existing evaporator. Up until now, there was only one option (Buy a new complete fan/motor unit).

But now, our 977-series fan guard will solve the problem for under $10.00 USD.  Our competition has a solution, but this means purchasing a complete unit (motor, fan guard and fan blade) for about $124.00USD+. The 977-series fan guard comes in Black Powder Coat or Zinc Plated finish.

Can this help fix your current replacement problems?

Let us know at gsi@goldstonehvacr.com